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We are the premiere program for kids martial arts in Jupiter that parents rave about.

Provide your teen with a positive outlet that enhances the skills they need to be prepared for the future.

Kids Summer Camps in Jupiter

Enroll our Jupiter summer camp that parents love for emphasis on Leadership, Life skills, and field trips!

Yes I Can

Build Confidence & Discipline

Our highly organized and expertly delivered class plans promote every child to do and be their best. Rising Sun students say, “Yes I Can” repeatedly on the mat to develop their mental fortitude early in life. Through this simple process Rising Sun students quickly gain confidence at home, school, and everywhere they go. Our students get stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially! Would that be great for your child, too? Our method of teaching kids martial arts in Jupiter is highly effective!

Benefits of Kids Self Defense in Jupiter at Rising Sun

The tremendous value of how we teach kids self-defense in Jupiter is quite unique. As much as we are practicing physical martial arts, we understand we are also training the brain and growth mindset. For optimal growth in our students, we emphasize and teach kids: to never give up, failure is our friend, the effort is as or more important than physical skill and finally to possess a “Yes I Can” mindset in all that they do. In other words, we are training a mental mindset for Life success as we teach them wonderful self-defense skills. Our goal is to have every student live their best Life at home, school, and everywhere they go.


Imagine a student that possesses great martial art skills but is intentionally practicing to never give up and saying “Yes I Can” no matter the circumstance they are challenged with. Self-defense classes in Jupiter are great- but adding growth mindset training to their classes so a student sees life differently than other kids is truly the remarkable benefit of martial arts training at Rising Sun. Join us and see the difference!

What do Parents say

Parents rave about our classes

There is a reason why we are voted by Macaroni Kid and Hulafrog websites as Best Martial Arts schools in Palm Beach County. Results!


Our parents enjoy the positive relationship building between our team and kids every single class. Our daily based atmosphere is inviting to kids of all ages and abilities. Listen to these parents!

Meet our Team

Our expert kids martial arts instructors have a combined over 40 years of experience in the martial arts. They teach highly engaging classes with little “down time.” Their experience in multiple styles of martial arts provides them the excellent background to teach a modern curriculum.

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