The most fun and rewarding Summer camp in Jupiter that kids do not want to leave at the end of the day! We do a lot more than just punching and kicking – every kid goes home with knowledge about essential Life skills to be their best self! Our Kid’s Martial Arts Summer Camp in Jupiter of Abacoa is the most fun and exciting camp for kids in the area!


From martial arts lessons, crafts, yoga, parkour, large group games to field trips to local businesses, we keep your child ACTIVE and ENGAGED all day long! No one sits on the bench in our Summer camps. Each day is planned in detail and kids love the fact that we change activities frequently. Therefore, they are always engaged and having a blast.


Join us for the most dynamic, fitness, and fun Summer Camp in Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter! Our one of a kind camp will certainly have your child excited to return each day. We look forward to seeing you at our camp and creating your future Leader here!


Your child will surely arrive home and ready to sleep all night!



Early drop off 7:30 – 9:00 am
Summer camp starts at 9:00 am
Pick up is between 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Campers must be picked up by 5:00 pm

Summer Camp in Jupiter


Every day starts with a warm up to get the kids moving, heart rate increased and to have fun!


The best part is the fact that our warm-ups and all exercises are disguised as FUN! From relay races, Olympic style games, to using pool noodles to sparring with mashooga swords, every single day is filled with fitness and exercise!


Our campers are not sitting in front of screens and staying on the couch. Every single day will be filled with them moving their bodies through fun martial arts, parkour, group games, and relay races!


Wouldn’t it be great for your child to arrive home at the end knowing they got fitter and stronger during the entire day?!



A favorite amongst our Summer Campers in Jupiter is the fact we visit some amazing places during the week! We are keenly aware kids need different stimulus throughout the day. Therefore, Rising Sun campers do small field trips each day in Downtown Abacoa. Our campers visit the South Florida Science Center STEM Studio twice every week and learn such topics about robotics, Legos and 3D printing, and more! Campers leave STEM with more knowledge than they did before entering! Also, our campers visit Abby’s Performing Arts twice during the week where they get to experience skits and acting! Maybe you’ll find out who has an actor in their midst?!


Fridays are considered a special day at Rising Sun Summer Camp in Jupiter! After an amazing week, we take Friday mornings to visit the Golden Bear mini-golf on Main Street in Downtown Abacoa! Campers get to spend part of their morning finding their inner pro golfer with 18 holes of mini-golf! This is truly an experience every kid loves and looks forward to.


Last and not least, Friday afternoons we visit every camper favorite place – Bahama Bucks on Main Street! Imagine a summer Friday filled with freshly made snow cones made of your choice of flavor such as Birthday Cake, Tropic Cream or Princess! When you pick up your child on Friday, they may even have a smattering of their favorite flavor still on their lips! Our field trips are second to none and making for an amazing experience at our Summer Camp in Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens!

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There are many reasons Rising Sun Martial Arts is voted as the BEST Martial Arts school in Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens.  Fro example, we spotlight and highlight kids so frequently that they feel like rock stars. Our use of positive reinforcement and building up kids from inside out helps every child’s self-esteem grow at camp!


In other words, we’ll help every camper with their own self-belief.  We shape their “Yes I Can” spirit in everything they do at our camp. Imagine your child saying “Yes I Can” every day at camp 50+ times. We are experts at noticing when kids are giving their best effort.  Also, we are keenly aware when kids need a pick-me-up comment to be re-motivated.

Therefore, your child will feel empowered with a higher self-belief system so that they want to come back to every day of Summer Camp!



One of the most unique aspects of our camp is our intentional and specific method to hone Leadership training in every camper. Many people believe leaders are born. In our kids Summer Camp in Jupiter we believe Leaders are built through an intentional method.


Every day of camp our students have a 30-minute Leadership class where they will learn to stand tall in front of others, look them in the eye and communicate with a clear voice. Imagine your child learning how to lead a group of kids and gaining in self-confidence.  We are not your average Summer camp in Jupiter!


How amazing would it be that in just a week of Summer Camp, your child feels more comfortable in front of people and less shy? Our Leadership training provides kids a great head start in Life by learning how to be in charge of a group.