Why Belt Test and the Testing Process Matters

Hey Jupiter, Florida parents! Today I wanted to let you know a little more about our martial arts Belt Testing process that our kids and teen students go through in order to earn their next karate belt.

1. Why Belt Testing Matters?

Belt Test is a procedure of how students earn their next belt and how we build their CONFIDENCE. All students have a chance to test every 8 weeks. 

It is to teach children to SET GOALS and STICK WITH IT, to learn how to have GRIT and persevere.

Our goal is Black Belt. And because it will take about 3-5 years that means that it will take that much time of thinking and ACTION. We will teach your child how leaders think and behave. They will be learning to try their best consistently over time to create a habit.

However, 3 years for a child is like FOREVER AWAY! Remember when you were young and summer lasted what felt like eternity? It was only 8 weeks! Children have difficulty to set long term goals. It is not their fault. It’s just where they are in their development for their age. 

So testing every 8 weeks is basically taking that long term goal and breaking it up into bite size pieces that your child can manage. Additionally, we break it up even more by specific curriculum parts and that is how your child earns their belt stripes.

2. Children Thrive with Structure

It is important that you bring your child consistently every week so they won’t fall behind. Having a consistent and healthy weekly routine helps your child with better performance and development of strong, healthy habits. Set and explain to your child that certain days will be KARATE DAYS and no matter how tired they are they will go to class (unless they are sick or the studio is closed).

And once they get their new belt we go right back to GOAL SETTING and we set our sights on the next belt and we start working at it. It’s because LEADERS TAKE ACTION CONSISTENTLY and don’t give up until they achieve their many big goals.

3. Your Child Will Learn Productivity

They say that out of an hour of a regular corporate day, on average, there are only 13 minutes of productive work done. 

We want to teach our students NOT TO BE LIKE THAT and to be better. To apply themselves fully as much as they can and for as long as they can. 

They might be thinking that maybe they deserve a break and that’s an okay mindset. But I know that SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE HAVE A FEELING OF URGENCY, that they have to stay on it. That they have to stay on the task. So, the moment we are done with testing we are setting a goal for the next one and regular weekly attendance will be required for them to get ready it.

Parents, you can use the same method at home. If there is something you want your children to do at home from a big project to mundane chores, try to break it up so it’s easier for children to achieve, giving them a sense of victory and thirst to achieve and do more. And together we will be able to move our children in the right direction and build their CONFIDENCE.

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