The Easy Way & The Hard Way When Building Confidence in Kids


There are 2 ways to go about achieving higher levels of CONFIDENCE in kids:

1. The first is the path that everyone takes…

This is the path that seems easy to start with but becomes incredibly painful as you continue along the journey to Black Belt.

You found us and started classes. It is the path that is crowded because there are many people on this path.

This is the path of coming to class when it is convenient and accessible. Unfortunately, this path does not lead to long term confidence, physical skills and ultimately – to the Black Belt.

2. Then there is the harder way…

Not as many choose to head this way. But it is the path that ultimately leads to a Black Belt. This is the path of doing what others will not. It is being the best parent to your child that you can be. In Kids Martial Arts, I have noticed this… it is most often that parents quit before the kids do.

Parents see the results of martial arts but let things such as summer, other sports and even a rainy day disrupt their goals for their child. It will be tempting to quit and stop the progress your child has made… to keep wishing and believing that you’ll commit…

This is the path that is easy to take but becomes harder – as all things do that take commitment. Then, there is the path less taken – the path of active action, attending twice per week, making up classes or attending booster/rank advancement camps.

Here are some signs that you are on the correct path:

  1. Have a plan in place to attend our martial arts classes during the summer.
  2. Know when to make up classes during the summer and start of school.
  3. Make a mental choice that THIS IS important for your child.

So parents, which path are you on right now?

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