The Black Belt Syndrome

Hey Jupiter, Florida parents! Today, I wanted to give you a tip about our martial arts training process that our kids and teen students go through, and a tip for them to practice martial arts grit.

The Black Belt Syndrome:

When people get their black belt and suddenly stop training, since they were so focused on hunting that belt, instead of using Karate as a tool for exploring and developing their human potential.

Black belt is just the beginning, now the real training starts. 

Everything else was just preparation.

It should be just NOW that you will take your karate training seriously.


Look at it this way: when you were a White Belt through Orange Belt you were playing T-ball. When Green through Blue you were in the Minor League. When Brown through Black Belt you got to play in the Major League. And you have now reached the Pros! 

You finally got in! The Professional League!


After all that time your dream came true! And you simply don’t hang up your shoes and walk away when you get to the Pro League!

It is just now that all those hours of sweat and hard work will start paying off.

It is just now that you will really start getting better. So don’t just quit yet. There is still plenty to learn and work on and plenty to have fun.

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