Confidence – We Can All Develop It

Confidence – We Can All Develop It

After our last Rising Sun Martial Arts Tournament I had many people come up to me and tell me how impressed they were with everyone’s performances.

Nearly all of them said: “It was amazing how kids could get out there in front of all those people and just go for it. I couldn’t have done it. I would have been scared to death! I hope my kid develops that level of confidence.”

Guess what? They will. I know this because we taught our students the exact same way we are teaching the kids in class today.

That level of confidence comes from facing the real obstacles they will encounter and then overcoming them. Like anything, the more you practice the better you get at it. Once you have overcome and defeated enough obstacles, you start seeing obstacles for what they really are – opportunities.

Will it be easy to develop this skill? I hope not. Without the difficulty the lesson will never be learned. Do I try to have fun in the process? Absolutely. Nothing helps overcome a serious challenge than laughter. But I still teach from a traditional framework that is a little old school. That is why they sometimes whine about sparring, or freak out because they don’t know their form, or say how “it just isn’t fun anymore” when things get a little tough for them.

Avoidance is always someone’s first reaction to difficult situations. When you hear that, it is nothing more than a confidence crisis. In the back of their minds they are doubting whether they can do it. How do I know that? Because we all have been there and still have those feelings today. Don’t you think all those children and adults from our program were nervous and scared out of their mind when they walked out there in front of all those people? You bet they were. But rather than give in to that type of doubt and fear, they have learned to channel it and forge it into power.

Something that all our students, given time, will learn. All it takes to be successful is three things:

  1. Desire to do it.
  2. A positive attitude that you will do it.
  3. And the commitment to work toward the goal and to see it through.

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