Challenge Yourself To Succeed

What is success?

For some people, the attainment of a long term goal is success. For others it may be the completion of smaller tasks. 

Similarly in Martial Arts training, achieving Black Belt or “under” belts may be what some students consider being successful. 

However, succeeding as a Martial Arts practitioner involves mastering the most basic fundamentals of training. These fundamentals include attendance, commitment, practice, sharing, and health, which lay the foundation of continued success as a Martial Arts student for life.

Here in Rising Sun Martial Arts in Jupiter, Florida we have a philosophy when it come to teaching kids and teens the long term benefits of their karate training.

1. Attendance:

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is sometimes a challenge to maintain an optimal twice per week attendance in class. With summer upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, students must set a goal to attend class regularly. And if you must miss class, immediately make it up. Remember, a drop out begins with the first missed class. Don’t become a negative statistic, attend class regularly.

2. Commitment:

A student’s motivational level is governed by their level of commitment. The more important something is to us, the more likely we are to pursue it. As a Martial Arts student, set a day each month to reflect on your training and reaffirm your commitment to the Martial Arts. Ask yourself what benefits are you receiving and how are you a better person through Martial Arts.

3. Practice:

While you may work out several times per week at the school, set aside mini workout sessions during the week to review your knowledge. Self-workouts give you an opportunity to have personal time which reinforces what you are learning in class and, most importantly, what you need to improve.

4. Sharing:

The Martial Arts has grown through the spread of knowledge from teacher to student, who then becomes teacher, and who spreads the knowledge to new students. The teacher – student relationship in the Martial Arts is one built on honor, respect, and gratitude that often sets the Martial Arts apart from many other educational relationships. As a student, look for opportunities to help others and begin your journey as a teacher. You will prosper from your relationships and your Martial Arts knowledge will increase exponentially.

5. Health:

Continued Martial Arts training can provide your body with exercise to stay in shape. But that’s only half the battle. You must eat healthfully to provide your body with the proper fuel to produce optimal training results. The Martial Arts is truly an activity for everyone. Each of these fundamentals can be achieved by everyone who has the desire to feel more confident, get in shape, break bad habits, become more flexible, and yes, learn self defense (to name a few benefits). It’s time to challenge yourself to succeed and focus on these five key fundamentals that are sure to give you a powerful feeling of success!

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