Personal safety is a growing concern for many women and people Jupiter.   As a former counterintelligence/counterterrosim agent for the US Army and owner  of Rising Sun Martial Arts in Jupiter I provide many seminars and workshops to groups regarding personal safety.   One of the popular topics I address in our workshops is how to safely walk to your car. After 5 years of working counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations in the Middle East, these are the 5 best tips I used to walking safely to my car.

Personal safety for women is a growing concern for many people in our community. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best practices to safely walk to your car. The following tips can be used to walk to your car at any time of the day and from any direction.

First, take your kets or car fob and have them ready in your hands long before getting to your car. This preventative measure assures that you will not need to stand at the drivers side door fumbling through pockets, purse or anything else once your at the door.  Your goal is to get to your car and safely be inside.


Next, when safely walking to your car pause briefly about 10 yards from the car and crouch briefly to look underneath the car. This brief peek under the car is looking for any threats such as people or objects.  Pause just long enough to determine that there is nothing present to cause a threat. By looking under the car from a short distance away allows you the ability to get away from danger.

Third, once you are at the car take a few seconds to look in the backseat of the car. Once again, look for anything that may cause a threat or was not inside your car when you last left it. The goal is to identify personal safety threats before your inside the car.

Similarly, once your at the door of your car (or just before), look to all side and angles to assure there are no personal safety threats. Getting in your car may take a few seconds depending what your carrying with you. Oftentimes people carry bags, laptops, large purses that creates a small delay to get inside the car. Thus, make sure you are prepared to enter your car quickly when you arrive at the door.

Lastly, to safely walk to your car make sure that once inside the car you immediately lock all doors. In today’s modern world nearly every car can lock its doors with a simple push of a button. Locking the door immediately gives you the protection of being inside with a significant amount of protection against a personal threat. Make an attempt to lock the door before starting the car or arranging any items in the seats that you brought with you.

By using these 5 tips to safely walk to your car will significantly increase your personal safety protection.  Start using these tips and be intentional.  All habits begin with intentionality.  Similarly to martial arts in Jupiter classes at Rising Sun, doing a technique over and over is what creates a habit.

I used these 5 tips for years working in the Middle East and living in a host country amongst the host nation population. In short order, you can create the habit of walking to your car safely.

We hope you enjoyed these tips.