At our martial arts school Jupiter at Rising Sun we teach kids the importance of falling to the ground to prevent injuries.  As a parent, I’m concerned about the safety of my own children and how they’ll be protected. Helping my own children and that of local Jupiter/PBG area kids to be safe is part of my mission as a martial art school owner to teach kids self-defense in Jupiter.

Therefore, we use a specific 3 step process we use to make it fun for the kids and easy to learn. Falling down to the ground is an event with potential to cause significant injures. Recent news articles and videos show kids at school intentionally tripping or pushing other kids to the ground. By teaching kids how to fall properly gives me and other parents some assurance that they are safe.

Our three step process to falling is simple and easy to remember for kids.  In our two month cycles that we teach kids, they use this process to practice falling about 500 times.  Interestingly, kids can get very good at this skill very quickly with enough practice.

In order to make falling easy to learn we teach them in a 3 step process:

  1. Make myself small (squatting with butt near the ground)
  2. Tucking the chin into the chest
  3. Rolling to our back as we slam our palms and forearms as we fall

First, we have your kids squat as far to the ground as they can.  This tip allows people to get their upper body and head as close to the ground as possible.  Therefore, the distance that they need to fall is shorter and thus reducing possible injuries.

Next, we teach them how tuck their head into their chin. If your kids intentionally tuck their chin when falling there is a great chance their head will not be injured. In other words, tucking the chin may be the most important skill to learn when falling.

Lastly, we teach your child at our martial arts school in Jupiter how to roll to the ground with their back curved while slamming the ground with their palms and forearms.  This helps them to absorb the impact of the fall and reducing bodily injuries.  Interestingly, the more force they use to fall the more the impact is absorbed.

Check out his VIDEO as a demonstration to fall properly.  This skill at our kids karate school in Jupiter begins to become second nature to our students.  Over time, they’ll literally practice falling thousands of times over the course of their black belt journey.

With bullying being a common problem for kids in our schools learning how to fall properly is a vital safety skill.  It is a simple three step process that kids can pick up easily and quickly.