When we practice karate in Jupiter at Rising Sun we use affirmations frequently.

Why? What type of affirmations? Look HERE.

In today’s modern world kids are bombarded with significant amount of messages from TV, internet, and their peers.

Parents wonder how and if their child is hearing the right messages and values that are import to them.

For example, “Willmy child continue to have the values that I do?” What will my child do when under peer pressure? How will my child react when bullied?”

It is a common fear for parents to worry about how their child will behave outside the home and ask themselves what type of choices they’ll make.

At Rising Sun in Downtown Abacoa we help kids use affirmations frequently in class in order to instill positive internal messaging. I consider affirmations a primary means for kids self-defense in Jupiter. After teaching thousands kids self-defense in Jupiter, I believe affirmations are essential.



For example, in our karate in Jupiter classes we use the phrase “Yes I Can” repeatedly. It is one of many affirmations we use.  Similarly, we say, “Failure is our friends” and also “Try My Best.”

Moroever, I’m often asked by parents how to utilize affirmations outside the home. One of the best methods is to use repeated affirmations between parent and child.

For instance, kids can repeat any affirmation key words that their parent says.  As an example:

I’m great.

I’m a good friend.

I work hard.

I never give up.

I have grit.

I’m pretty/handsome, etc.

Kids love to repeat words after their parents.


In my experience with the military, I learned quickly that the ultimate way to mastery of a subject was repetition. The repeated task of doing or saying something over and over led to a higher and faster degree of learning. This is why we use affirmations often in our karate classes in Jupiter.

Here is a 3 step plan for using affirmations at your home:

  1. Decide a time of day, every day to do them with your child. I suggest before school or soon after the wake up and are dressed.
  2. Create 10-20 keywords or phrases that are important to you for them to repeat back.
  3. Make it Fun!

Here is what is used in my family every day:

Be Nice.

Use Kind Words.


Thank You

You’re Welcome.

May I.

Excuse Me.

I’m sorry.

No bullying.

Ask – “What do you say when someone is bullying you?”

Stop, I don’t like that, it hurts me.

(I then ask who they can tell and they provide me examples.)

I’m Awesome.

I’m amazing.

People like me.

I’m a good friend.

I work hard.

I have grit.

When I fall down, I get back up.

I never give up!

Once your child starts saying these phrases with you it provides them a sense of security and certainty of their day.  Also, it reinforces values you want them to internalize. When they do not have a sense of security and they are unsure, or if values are vague, kids may not make choices we like.

Start this 3 step process and watch your child use the values and choices you regard highly when under the challenges of being a kid.

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