Martial Arts Jupiter: 6 Phrases


As our staff teaches martial arts in Jupiter  at Rising Sun we witness multiple parenting styles.  From parents that act as coaches on the bench to those that watch class and gently encourage afterwards.

It is our belief that children perform and do their best when coached and instructed solely by our staff.  Interviews with elite college athletes show that as kids they enjoyed it most when their parents did not act as second coaches.

In other words, these athletes prefer and performed better when parents simply encourage their child before and afterwards to do their best.

So what is it that parents can say to their child to get optimal performance and buy-in to do their best?

For example, just when the activity is about to begin, simply say, “I love you. Have fun. Play hard.” Leave the coaching to the coaches and staff.  Thus, kids go on the mat in our martial arts classes in Jupiter with the confidence that their parents support them no matter their physical performance!

Yes, sometimes kids do not give their best, it is ok. We all have days when we do not feel great, and that is great! Therefore, simply saying the above 3 key phrases assures kids that performance is not linked to love and affection. In our kids martial arts classes in Jupiter we encourage all our parents to use these phrases.

However, there are also three phrases to tell a child after their activity to attain optimal internal feelings about their practice.  We all want our children to feel like they did well, right? Here is how.

Martial Arts in Jupiter
martial arts in jupiter

In addition,  parents in our kids martial arts in Jupiter classes at Rising Sun learn that how their child performs is often determined by what parents say on their drive home. For example, imagine as a child you hear, “Your chamber was not high. Your kick was too low,” how it may affect your desire to continue learning.

For our martial arts classes in Jupiter we strongly suggest parents use three simple phrases.  For example, “Did you have fun? I’m proud of you. I love you.” That is it! Go home and discuss what they enjoyed and how proud you are of their enjoyment.

As a result of these key phrases, kids feel they have a coach on one hand and a parent on the other and now one in the same.  Let our kids be their best self!

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