The Dark Color of Black Belt

Did you know that many, many, many years ago some martial arts were taught in secrecy?

Schools like Rising Sun Martial Arts did not exist. Most students trained solely for self-defense and meditation. At that time the other benefits of martial arts training like focus, discipline, body awareness and motor skills were either unknown or less understood.

Many of these students wore white clothing (uniforms) because it was the cheapest to get (color clothes were expensive) that allowed freedom of movement for practice, and a white belt was worn around the waist to complete the ensemble. The belt was there to hold the uniform jacket together on the body.

These first martial artists trained hard, sometimes for hours on end, learning to fight with their bare hands and feet. After months and years of training the student’s belt, which was never washed, became soiled and noticeably darker in color. This became the visual sign of the training and experience the student had, and is now why the black belt signifies an expert in the arts.

Most modern school like Rising Sun Martial Arts now use a progressive belt ranking system to indicate the student’s level of experience. Beginners still typically wear a white belt and expert students a black belt.

However, since students now train indoors in a clean facility that doesn’t expose them to the elements that would darken their belts, many modern school have adopted a consistent belt system to gage the students progress, such as white through gold belts for beginners, orange through purple belts for intermediate ranks, and blue through red belt for advanced students.

Black is for the experts and mastering, applying, and sharing the knowledge and skills. In our Eskrima system we have degrees of black belt that signifies how much time, training and expertise the student has.

Thus each belt represents the culmination of knowledge that each student has learned.

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