Hard Lessons Learned as a Karate Instructor


Hey Jupiter/PBG Parents & friends,

After years of being a martial arts instructor, I would say that I’ve learned many parenting lessons by observing thousands parents in our school and applying some things the hard and painful way.

It was tough when they happened but I am grateful for these lessons now, as they have made me so much stronger as a parent and martial arts instructor.

If you want to be the best parent and coach possible to your kids, you can apply these lessons at some point in your journey, so let me save you some time, heartache, and money!

After all, I want my hindsight to be your path forward.

Here are some of the hardest lessons I had to learn:

● Lesson 1: Don’t ask your child if they like an activity or give them the power to choose to quit:

– Parents that often do this are giving their young child power who have not developed the capacity to make the best choices for themselves.   

I realized that… The truth is that kids make emotional decisions almost all the time and lack the ability of foresight of medium to long term goals.

● Lesson 2: Don’t coach your kids unless your the coach
– Even tho I teach my own kids, we rarely practice outside the gym.  I’m their dad first.  For basketball, I’m not an expert or do I know the rules. For gymnastics, I have no idea about anything.  Let your coach do the coaching and you be the best parent to cheer them on.

I realized that that myself and other parents that coach or overreach their kids, often alienate and agitate their kids so they want to quit. Its not fun when parents coach.

This made a HUGE difference in how I talk to my kids before/after a practice, “Did (do) you try your best. Did you have fun? I loved watching you.” 

When parents say this, their child knows they are supported no matter what happens on the practice field.

 Lesson 3: What happens 5-30 minutes before practice often determines how a child behaves at the practice.

Setting the emotional pre-framing of my kids often determines how they’ll perform and enjoy their practice.

I realized that if I’m in a hurry before practice, making demands on them, having them on iPads or video games almost always places kids in a pre-frame of frustration, distraction or emotional anxiety beforehand. 

What I tried was. dropping the iPad 30 minutes before leaving to practice and being to practice on time!…and it worked! 

Can you relate to any of the above lessons? 

I don’t want you to waste too much time trying to get your child optimally ready for any of their activities, so I really do hope that this email has helped you to understand the crazy journey it takes to coach your child to be their best in the things they participate in. 

What are some 3 hard lessons that you have learned? Hit reply and let me know!

Have a great week ahead. Stay amazing, friend. 

– Mr Buzick

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