Power is very important!

It is one of the principles in the Martial Arts. Without power your kicks and strikes would be useless. If you cannot generate power, an attacker would just laugh at your feeble attempts of self-defense.

Generating power gives one a sense of immense confidence.

But as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (Spiderman):

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Often people with power abuse it. Power can inspire or it can cause fear.

As a powerful martial arts and Eskrima student you should be the one that inspires others to perform and not to quit. By being strong in class while doing forms and target drills, and adjusting the amount of power you use while sparring, you can inspire the younger belts to give it their all when in class.

Be mindful that the amount of power you use in free sparring should not be that same as when kicking a bag or striking a target. If you want to see how much power you have behind that kick or strike, just break a board or two.

Become a great leader by learning about using your power for the good.

Parents, if you would like your child to become a great leader in our martial arts program and outside, don’t hesitate to reach out. You will love our beautiful and clean martial arts studio in downtown Abacoa in Jupiter, Florida.

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Kids Martial Arts
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Parents LOVE our Jupiter Kids Martial Arts program because it teaches not only self defense, but also vital life skills like focus, discipline, respect, and more! Watch your child's confidence flourish and their grades improve with this awesome Child Greatness program.


Teen Martial Arts
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Combining confidence-raising fitness and life-changing self defense, our Jupiter Teen Martial Arts program keeps your teen's wellness and happiness in mind. It's time to get your teenager active, making new friends and bettering themselves.


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Discover why parents in Jupiter love our Kids Martial Arts Summer Camps. Give your child an experience they won't forget. Martial arts changes lives.


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