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Kids Martial Arts Jupiter: 3 Ways to Reward Behavior


Our martial arts school employs 3 ways to reward behavior that is very useful in bringing out the best in kids. For kids martial arts in Jupiter  at Rising Sun we utilize positive reinforcement heavily and frequently.  However, what we do know is that vague and insincere praise is not beneficial when teaching kids.

Therefore, we use a simple method called Reward and Recognition.  Everyone knows how wonderful it is when we are praised and meaningfully told how good or how well we’ve done something. Similarly, for kids it is even more so.  When a child is verbally recognized and rewarded in front of a group of their peers, it can be very powerful to bring out their best behavior and.

Therefore, our system of recognition for kids martial arts classes in Jupiter  creates a desire for every child to attempt to be recognized.

Moreover, the reward and recognition method utilizes three simple techniques for our kids self-defense in Jupiter classes. First, when we observe students giving an extraordinary effort, we make sure to stop the class.  When children see that they have an opportunity to feel good and look good as a result of effort, we get more effort from everyone in class.

Secondly, we utilize recognition of improvement.  Sometimes in a karate class kids do not do a technique well right away.  Nevertheless, with repetition and effort kids can improve quickly. Oftentimes, they can improve very quickly in a matter of a minutes.

Once again, when we stop the class to have the student who has improved greatly demonstrate the technique, there is a dopamine rush of feel-good chemicals.  It is clear to other students that they want to be recognized, as well.  Thus, in the ensuing minutes after that recognition of improvement, we see greater effort amongst all students.

When we utilize this powerful technique of recognizing improvement, it is a powerful motivator in our kids martial arts classes in Jupiter at Rising Sun in Downtown Abacoa.


Lastlt  students in our kids martial arts in Jupiter classes at Rising Sun earn recognition in class in front of their peers by skill-level.  We can not ignore skill-level as an important tool in our martial arts training.  Everyone is inspired when we see the application of excellence in class.

Nevertheless, recognition of skill is not the primary tool we utilize.  For every time we observe great skill, we are rewarding effort and improvement 5-10X as much.

Similarly, these tools can be applied for child behavior at home.  Rewarding and recognizing kids with verbal praise for effort, improvement and skill is so powerful! For example, just looking for an opportunity to tell a child that they tried hard at something is motivating. To know that as parents we see their improvement is exciting.  To hear that they are skilled in an activity is joyful to the soul.

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