Kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens

Kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens: Yes I Can

Kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens

Parents enroll their children in kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens for many reasons.  Additionally, they mention focus, discipline, and respect for enrolling their kids in karate.  They rarely think of growth mindset as one. Rising Sun Martial Arts we believe we have a very unique method for instilling those qualities.

For example, we believe in key words and core phrases in our program that are repeated over and over.  As a military veteran with combat experience I know the importance that repetition creates retention in training.  Thus, our central motto is “Yes I Can.”

Why “Yes I Can?” Simply put, a growth mindset is identified as a critical area where children struggle to grapple with their inner talents vs their personal effort.  In essence, by age 8 a child’s sense of how well they can do something begins to develop.  Instilling in them early a growth mindset, also known as a Yes I Can is a significant step to create future success.

Therefore, we believe martial arts is far more than just kicks, punches, takedowns and tournaments.  In other words, we value kids martial arts in Palm Beach Gardens for its potential more than physical skills.  If the only thing we instill is a great uppercut, fantastic armbar or amazing flying sidekick – we are missing a massive opportunity.

Therefore, in every class our students will state loudly “Yes I Can” at least 15 times.  Imagine a child that says “Yes I Can” 10,000 times over 4-5 years to black belt.  Will there be a difference in the growth mindset of a child that says out loud “Yes I Can” 10,000 times versus a child that has rarely said it intentionally?  Intentionality in the mindset of a child is a powerful tool in our fast adjusting world.

In other words, intentional use of ‘Yes I Can” in their martial arts training can translate to their daily lives.  When reading seems hard or when math can literally be problematic, kids with a “Yes I Can” growth mindset are less likely to give up easily.  Instilling this essential life skill at an early age would be beneficial to most parents?

Kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens
Kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens

For parents that want the best in kids martial arts in Palm Beach Gardens, we provide growth mindset training. By combining the physicality of martial arts with intentional brain training we provide a higher value of service to the skills kids need for future success.

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