Kids Martial Arts Classes in Jupiter: Function or Form?


Kids martial arts classes in Jupiter at Rising Sun provides kids of all ages functional self-defense skills.  It is essential that martial arts training provides kids functional ability besides just sparring or forms training.

For example, our kids martial arts program is based on how kids lean and perform. In other words, simplicity and functionality. Kids perform at a high level when physical skills can be simplified and performed repetitively. The key in repetitive movements is in their variety.

Therefore, our kids self-defense in Jupiter program is based on simple movements that kids can learn quickly and acts as functional movement, as well. Young kids feel empowered when their movements feel good to them and are quickly learned.

The first thing we teach in our kids self-defense in Jupiter program is kickboxing.  The basics of kickboxing are the basics of boxing and karate kicks.  In other words, the basics of jab.cross, hook, uppercut and body punches can be quickly taught and learned by students.

Therefore, when learned in a variety of combinations, kids feel like they have a superpower and it is very functional for their ability to defend themselves.  In nearly all self defense situations a child will need to know how to punch or kick with great technique, accuracy, power, and speed.

Moreover, this type of teaching method helps kids learn self-defense quickly without needing years of mastery.  Most kids can perform kickboxing combinations very well within a short period of time.  Thus, there are immediate results in self-esteem and confidence.



Lastly, the Rising Sun Martial Arts in Jupiter program teaches kids hand held weapons defense (no guns) with sticks.  In other words, we teach Filipino Martial Arts which is recognized worldwide as the goto art for weapons defense.

For example, the CIA, FBI, ATF, US military and Hollywood use FMA as the goto system to instruct their people. They use FMA because of its use in learning how to protect themselves with a stick or hand held weapon such as a knife.

For self defense in Jupiter, the greater ability for kids to learn a multi-style art vs a specific one dimensional art provides them a larger ability to defend themselves.  However, our program maintains simplicity and variety so kids feel empowered.

Lastly, nearly alls self-defense expert agree that in real situations, the key is simple movements.  Thus, Rising Sun teaches a multi-style art that empowers kids and is functionally useful in their every day lives.

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