Kids Martial Arts Classes in Jupiter: 3 Ways to Focus


Kids martial arts classes in Jupiter at Rising Sun helps kids develop the attribute of Focus.  What is focus and why is it the cornerstone of life skills for Kids?

Focus is the ability and skill to pay attention. Our ability to pay attention, especially when something important is communicated to us is an essential skill. For kids to develop this skill early in Life will give them a wonderful head start to their success at home, school, and everywhere they go!

Moreover, developing focus is an intentional effort that must be practiced. In today’s world is is so easy for kids to get lost in screen time, tablets, and TV that the practice of this skill is losing its traditional intentionality.

Therefore, in our kids martial arts classes in Jupiter we intentionally practice the skill of focus in how we practice martial arts.  Thus, the intentional practice helps kids and their parents maintain of consistent awareness of paying attention.

There are three types of focus that we intentionally practice.  The first is Eye focus.  Paying attention with our eyes and looking at parents, teachers and friends when they are talking.  This simple skill is vital to success for our kids martial arts school in Jupiter.  Thus, we our students practice intentionally looking at the instructor with their eyes at all times.

Similarly, we want every child to transfer this skill to home and school.  When children have the concept of eye focus at top of mind due to martial arts classes, they utilize it outside of class, too.


Next, at our karate school in Jupiter we practice ear focus, as well.  Actively listening vs passively hearing are two vastly different things.  Getting kids to actively listen so they can perform the techniques we demonstrate is essential to their success.

Therefore, we ask kids to point to their ears as a reminder and raise awareness of their intentionality to listen.  Kids need consistent anchors that remind them to practice the attribute of ear focus.

In addition, w practice and address body focus.  Simply out, body focus is using our best effort.  When kids give their best they feel good about themselves.  For example, we ask them to show us their muscles by flexing their biceps before executing a technique.  This reminds them to give and do their best.

To sum up, its essential for kids to pay attention via eye focus, ear focus and body focus.  As parents, we can practice with our kids at home using these attributes and creating opportunities to remind kids about this intentional skillset.

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