kids martial arts palm beach gardens

Kids Martial Arts Palm Beach Gardens

kids martial arts palm beach gardens

Why does Rising Sun Martial Arts specialize in teaching kids martial arts Palm Beach Gardens

We set out in 2014 to be the best kids martial arts facility and program in the area.  We made a specific choice to be a kids only martial arts school.  The reason for this choice is simple: teaching kids is a unique skillset than it is teaching adults.

In addition, we know that today’s kids benefit greatly from martial arts versus nearly every other kid activity around.  How so?

Whether it be bullying, obesity, a short attention span, a lack of athletic skill, low confidence or a poor self-image, martial arts can help. I’m guessing you can easily identify one of these attributes in many children.

As a result, Rising Sun specializes in teaching age specific kids karate Palm Beach Gardens area. Our entire focus is on teaching kids and how to best deliver an experience to enhance the learning of every child.

How does martial arts develop a child’s confidence?

Our kids martial arts program Palm Beach Gardens program is built on the idea that confidence is developed from competence. Thus, we accomplish this through the progression of belts.  As a child experiences success in training, that success transfers outside the school. Therefore, making them more likely to set and achieve other goals. Remember, success is the backbone of confidence.

Martial Arts training also helps children to confront their fears in a safe, supportive atmosphere. As a child learns to defend themselves, they become less threatened by people around them. Then, instead of sending out signals that say, “I am weak, I’m not sure of myself, I’m a victim.” They start sending out signals that say, “I’m strong, I’m confident, I am a nice person, but don’t mess with me.”

kids martial arts palm beach gardens
kids martial arts palm beach gardens

Furthermore,  for many children karate Palm Beach Gardens is the perfect activity for shy children come out of their shell. It starts with small things like learning to look people in the eye, to stand straight and speak clearly.

Eventually, children develops more advanced physical and emotional skills. As they begin expressing themselves physically on the mat they express more emotion confidence. As a result, it carries over to all aspects of their life.

Lastly, very few things can benefit a child who is being bullied more self-defense. That’s not just because they learn how to defend themselves (although that is important).  In turn,  a child who trains in self-defense in Palm Beach Gardens learns how to project real confidence, making them far less likely to be bullied. We call it, “Practice the fight so that you don’t have to.”

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