Kids Karate in Palm Beach Gardens


There are many activities for kids and parents to choose from in Palm Beach County.  We believe our kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens offers the most benefits for kids.  How do you choose a great kids activity with so many to choose from?

For example, some parents  want their child to do something that the child selects.  They want their child to “buy-in” to the activity of their choice.  There is certainly a benefit in using this method.

Moreover, other parents look at the benefit to the child’s personal needs.  Maybe a child needs focus, strength training, increased flexibility, better fitness.  For each of these goals there are many activities that a parent and child can choose from.

Also, some parents just want their child to be happy in any activity.  Who wants a child to dislike and be forced into a sport?

Therefore, we believe kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens at Rising Sun Martial Arts provides a unique choice for many reasons. First, most boys and girls experience a desire to be their inner-ninja! It is an easy transition from fantasy martial arts into actual karate classes in palm Beach Gardens.

In addition, for parents who are looking for better focus, increased strength, more discipline, etc – can find a great activity in kids karate.  Some of the mainstays of kids martial arts are focus and discipline.  It is widely known that kids martial training helps: improve grades, instills discipline and helps kids with focus challenges pay attention even better.

kids karate in palm beach gardens

Consequently, why Rising Sun for kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens?  We are experts at teaching kids martial arts classes.  We do not teach adults and specialize in kids classes.  Thus, we are hyper focused as specialists in kids karate.

Certainly, our understanding of kids and age specific development helps us create engaging classes. We understand how kids learn, the best drills to move their bodies and how to motivate them.

Above all, our team spends an inordinate amount of time every week in training how to teach kids karate.  A black belt in a physical martial art does not make someone an expert at teaching kids martial arts.  Intentional training in teaching kids, to understand their ages of development and best practices for teaching kids is what makes experts.

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