Kids Karate in Palm Beach Gardens: Use of Life Skills


The benefits of of kids in martial arts is well documented.  We believe our  program for kids  karate in Palm Beach Gardens offers added value beyond punching and kicking.  At Rising Sun Martial Arts in Jupiter our curriculum goes further than just physical martial arts.

For example, it is our goal that every student at Rising Sun implements successful life habits outside the dojo.  In other words, establishing habits like being proactive, having a plan, and making priorities are concepts we teach as well.

Similarly, the goal of every class is to create a class plan that includes the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.   We begin every class by bowing on to the mat stating one of the 7 Habit.  We punch and use kickboxing combination as we confidently state the 7 Habits. Therefore, our class plan and class experience is not just physical training, but Life skill training as well.

Moreover, after years of teaching kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens, we see the impact of life skills beyond the dojo. For example, some classes we emphasize how to be proactive.  Such as: how to come to class on time, how to tie your own belt to helping with chores without being asked.

Also, we emphasize other habits such as Habit 3: First Things First.  In other words, making priorities in Life.  Our students are taught martial arts techniques by making a priority of what is essential to perform a certain move.

Most important, it is essential kids are learning life habits while doing something fun such as martial arts! What activity can kids experience in which life habits are taight alongside the physical experience?  This is what makes our kids martial arts in Palm Beach Gardens program so unique and valuable!


Consequently, the feedback from parents is that our students improve on their personal behavior at home and in school! Based on their feedback, we know that our class planning and training is working.

Furthermore, we provide challenges for kids to demonstrate the habit skills we teach in class.  Kids and parents are encouraged to upload pictures and videos to Facebook page when they are practicing one of the 7 habits at home.

In summary, our kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens program provides physical training and Life Habit Skills! By integrating these two things together, we provide an added value to our parent members.

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