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Kids Karate Classes in Jupiter: Importance of Schedules

Kids Karate Classes in Jupiter

I receive a lot of calls from parents asking about our karate classes in Downtown Abacoa.  Many parents post in Facebook groups asking information about kids karate classes in Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens. Oftentimes, parents give their feedback because of personal experience with that specific school.

However, there are two significant indicators of how well a kids karate classes in Jupiter will be a good match. First is its class schedule and how often the instructors teach kids classes.

For example, many martial arts schools offer classes for kids ages 4-5 years old only at 4pm Monday- Thursdays.  Those schools are not able to serve  many parents because they need classes after 5pm. Even if the school has the best instructors in town.

The importance in asking about when classes are offered and how classes can be made up is of paramount concern. What happens if classes are missed due to sickness, vacation, or dental appointments? Will the school be flexible?

One of the key aspects of Rising Sun Martial Arts of Jupiter in Downtown Abacoa is our large variety of classes and how kids can make up classes. We offer 26 classes per week at so many various times.

When kids miss classes, they can easily be made up at any time (no time frame) as they like.

The second important indicator in a great school is how many kids classes per week does the instructor teach?

At Rising Sun the Chief Instructor, Mr. Buzick and Lead Instructor, Mr. Rojas, teach at least 26 classes per week. We solely train kids and concentrate our staff trainings on kids martial arts.

Instructors for kids karate classes in Jupiter ought to have thousands of hours of teaching experience in order to be considered an “expert.”  Teaching kids martial arts is both a science and an art that high quality instructors can only craft after years of experience. Primarily teaching adults whilst also teaching kids is an extraordinary gap in skillsets for any person to do well in both.

Kids Karate Classes in Jupiter
Kids Karate Classes in Jupiter

Whilst a person may have a PhD in chemical engineering or nuclear astrophysics – it does not qualify them to teach a 7th grade science class. Teaching kids is as much science, physical and neuroscience as well.

Do the staff attend consistent trainings, workshops, seminars and ongoing education to maintain their skills in teaching kids martial arts.

Having a black belt is not an indicator in one’s ability to teach kids, it’s just an indication in a person’s ability to perform physical movement.

To conclude, when looking for karate classes in Jupiter ask the school about class schedule flexibility and instructor experience teaching kids martial arts.

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