Karate palm beach gardens

Karate Palm Beach Gardens

Karate palm beach gardens

There are basic human needs and our kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens program strives to meet them.  We intentionally understand these human needs and apply them our our karate classes daily.

For example, every child wants to fit in and feel part of a group. In our school, kids wear the same uniform and are placed in classes that are specifically for their age and skill level.  Also, we create opportunities in class for students to engage each other to create bonds and friendship.

Additionally, everyone wants to feel special and stand out.  Every student at Rising Sun has ample times where they are spotlighted and highlighted.  We use the spotlighting method to show-off kids that give great effort, improve and use excellent technique. Therefore, our students are consistently built up in self-esteem and confidence.

Moreover, everyone desires a need for certainty.  We all have a need to familiarity and routine. At Rising Sun we stress structure into everything we do.  From how we bow in at the floor, put away shoes, walk on the mat to starting class!

For kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens it is imperative that kids feel a comfort level in knowing what is expected.  Thus, our consistent schedule and class routine provides the structure that kids need to excel.

Next, is the need for variety. We all need the stimulation that comes from new experiences. It is essential for kids martial arts classes to provide variety within a structured class plan.   Kids perform best when there is regular (but not too regular) variety in their environment.  New stimulation such as drills, games and techniques are introduced to class.

Karate palm beach gardens
Karate palm beach gardens

In addition, the need for acknowledgement in our program. We all need the feeling that results from being appreciated. In our classes, we call it this rapport building with students.  For example, the best rapport is built when each student is smiled at and complimented when giving great effort.

In other words, we place a high value on each student receiving recognition for effort and improvement.  Oftentimes, the best students are not the ones who have the best skill level but who are trying their best.  It is essential that we publicly identify when students are giving their best and improving.

Lastly, the need for contribution is important for kids to feel they are giving back.  In our martial arts program, we provide two programs for kids to practice Leadership skills.  For example, they man the front door as greeters, help tie belts to younger kids and more.

In order to provide an optimal experience for our students in our karate in Palm Beach Gardens program, we try to meet the 6 human needs.  When we do so, it is a win-win for everyone!

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