How to Encourage Kids: 3 Things to Tell Your Children After Practice

Kids Martial Arts in Palm Beach Gardens

In this article we are going to talk about how to encourage kids. We’ll discuss three key things to tell your children after every practice or class form their extracurricular activities. At Rising Sun Martial Arts in Downtown Abacoa of Jupiter, we encourage parents to use the below magic three sentences.

I hear parents say different things to their kids after martial arts class and three sentences stick out the most.  We all want to be the best parents, right? I’ve been teaching martial arts classes for five years and see many parenting styles. I’ve found that parents impact their children the most have tapped into the concept of how to encourage kids effectively.

Helping our kids have a positive experience in their extracurricular activities is essential to their growth.  There are three things that parents can say to their children after an activity to strengthen your bond and trust:

Did you have fun?
I’m proud of you.
I love you.

When parents say those simple three sentences it is an act of assurance that they performed well and all is okay. Parents that continue to coach off the mat immediately after practice are likely not providing a sense of comfort and joy.

For example, I see parents coaching from the sidelines and trying to “motivate” or “correct” their children to perform better.  Interestingly, parents often do this because they believe they are getting their kids to do what the coach wants.  Great instructors and coaches are aware of what is happening on the mat/field.  If they are not correcting something it normal and often for a good purpose.

Additionally, I have noticed that kids are excited to leave the mat and see the look of approval from their parents.  Indulge on their desire to be noticed and to acknowledge their effort and get them excited about their activity. How a child feels about that activity will be significantly influenced by how parents respond to them within 1-2 minutes once practice is over.

Great exampe of mom on how to encourage kids after practice
Proud father shows how to encourage kids at belt graduation

Similarly, the old saying, “People will remember more about how you made them feel versus what you said to them,” applies significantly.  Help shape their experience by being supportive and energetic of their effort and 100% non-judgmental of their skill level.

In conclusion, how to encourage kids in their extracurricular activities is something all parents want to do more effectively. Research shows collegiate athletes often say the best thing that their parents ever said to them was three words. “I’m proud of you,” after their practices.  Above all, parental support is essential to how well children will enjoy and perform in their chosen activity.  However, that parental support can be used most effectively by stating the above simple 3 sentences.

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