Employers Are Not Just Looking For The Next Ivy League Graduate


As someone who has graduated from college, I can attest to the importance of being a well-rounded individual.

You can take all the advanced classes and have the highest GPA in your class, but if you do not have the confidence to apply the knowledge and yourself, it will only get you so far.

Today’s top employers are not just looking for the next Ivy League graduate. They are more interested in the individual who is self-assured and competent in the area of communication. Someone who holds themselves to a high standard of integrity and knows how to persevere, when the balance between work and personal life becomes tedious.

I grew up in every sport you can think of and have extensive training in the fine arts as well. While I have seen some personal growth during my involvement in these activities, none of them have effusively molded together with the physical, mental, and emotional self quite like martial arts.

Martial arts is not an activity you drive your kids to between dance and piano. It is a building block guiding your child towards success as they enter high school, college, and adulthood. What differentiates this discipline from that of any other sport or activity? You cannot find this answer on our website or on our business Facebook. The answer lies in the behavioral maturation of your child on and off the mat.

“If you do not have the CONFIDENCE to apply the knowledge and yourself, it will only get you so far.”

For example, a parent may see their child holding a kicking shield for another child and think nothing of it. In reality, their child is learning self-control, courtesy, and teamwork – all while working the physical body.

What parents may fail to notice is that their child is learning how to gauge whether the kick or punch is too hard (Self-Control), or how to say thank you and your welcome when passing the kicking shield off to their partner (Courtesy).

These exercises may seem monotonous, but in actuality, are a lesson in Life Skills that are sorely lacking in some of today’s universities and workplaces. For the observer, our Fit Test may seem like it is just part of the workout and belt test. In reality, the student is absorbing the idea of Perseverance, when they get tired and learning Integrity while holding themselves accountable for the number of push-ups they are doing.

What happens on the mat is more than a workout! Our martial arts program for kids and teens here in downtown Abacoa in Jupiter, Florida is building champions, who not only survive in college and beyond, but thrive and succeed in life.

– Shannon Schuetz

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