About Us

About Us

About Us

I’m Mr Buzick, and I’ve had the distinct pleasure of teaching thousands of kids martial arts in Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens.

There are times when parents ask me what I do for a living, and you may be thinking that I’d say, “I’m a martial arts instructor.” Nope. My answer is different, “I help kids of all ages get stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially so they can live their best life at home, school and anywhere they go!”

The method that we teach martial arts at Rising Sun goes well beyond punching and kicking. At Rising Sun we use the martial arts in order to develop children to become the best version of themselves through Life Skills. When martial arts is combined with valuable life skills – the transformation of kids happens well beyond the physical realm. This is why I love training kids karate in Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter. I KNOW your kids are going to LOVE it, too.

So please look below and enjoy the videos from parents in our program and why they enjoy how we teach so much and the results it gives to their child.. There is a reason macaroni Kid and Hulafrog vote us as Best & Palm Beach Gardens!



Is your child shy around new people and hesitant to try new experiences? What would it be like if your child was more likely to introduce themselves to new people and feel more confident?

Does your child seem to have difficulty staying focused and often seems restless? Imagine your child in a structured class that is fast paced with little down time.  How much more could they excel?

How often do you feel your child does not listen the first time? How helpful would it be to have a third party as a partner helping to develop the life skills they need to succeed in life?

There is something for all these kids that Rising Sun can partner with parents…martial arts classes in Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter at Rising Sun Martial Arts in Downtown Abacoa!



Did you know every kindergartner believes they can be an astronaut, doctor, and firefighter? By third and fourth grade those statistics decrease exponentially. Kids start creating limiting belief about their innate abilities.

At Rising Sun, we use growth mindset and a Yes I Can mentality in all that we do.  At the heart of our program, all of our students on Day 1 use the phrase “Yes I Can” mantra in class. What we say to ourselves over and over is what we begin to believe. How would your child’s mindset be different if they said “Yes I Can” nearly 10,000 times over the course of a 4-5 year journey to black belt?

Sometimes everyone fails, including our students on a belt test.  However, they learn that failure is our friend. Trying our best will make us feel our best. Our students experience and understand grit when rewards and achievement are earned and not given for showing up.



At Rising Sun Martial Arts, we are keenly aware that martial arts lessons as a physical skill set alone are less impactful if combined with life skill and leadership training. A perfect sidekick, passing guard or perfect Chi Sao does not translate to an improved life.

Therefore, at Rising Sun your child will interweave life skills such as discipline, communication, honesty and self-esteem into every class. We believe when kids develop healthy habits they begin to live their best life.  The act of committing to a class schedule, repeatedly practicing, and doing hard work begins to form the best habits for success.  Starting kids early to practice these skills sets them apart from their peers.



One of the core elements to Rising Sun is our Leadership training and classes.

Did you know one of the biggest fears of interpersonal skills for adults is public speaking? One of the unique aspects of Rising Sun is our Leadership program and how we can quickly develop every student’s ability to be a public speaker and to stand tall, look people in the eye and speak clearly.

Imagine when you were eight years old and you received hundreds of opportunities to be the group leader and practice speaking.  How would that have changed your life? How would that make your current job a bit easier? We’ll do that for your kids.