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The amount of self-esteem, poise, confidence and mental toughness our son has grown through his participation at Rising Sun has been astounding. As parents we strive to provide the absolute very best for our son. Having the reassurance of such an amazing group of people here at Rising Sun, helping to instill the core fundamentals of becoming productive members of our society, is vital. The group of men and women at Rising Sun display the very best examples of what we try and teach our kids on a daily basis and reinforce our efforts at home. Rising Sun is more than just a martial arts studio- we feel that our son is growing up as part of the Rising Sun family.
Aaron Michaels
Aaron Michaels
19:57 01 Nov 18
Love the energy and commitment of the instructors at Rising Sun Martial Arts! Their focus of not only coaching the students to learn martial arts...BUT more importantly teaching them respect, discipline, 7 habits...WOW!!! Our daughter LOVES it!! In her class she is surrounded with other kids who have become her friends! She's learning so much about HER core...building those values! THANK YOU!!!
moe leary
moe leary
16:35 31 Oct 18
Only been in it for couple of weeks now but def family orientated environment and good structure for my son. New to these things and the owner and other instructors have been open to many questions that I do have and ways to lead my son in right direction with confidence, respect, and discipline. It is definitely a learning process along with your child and the instructors. Very pleased so far they do an awesome job with each individual kids needs
Brittany Firpo
Brittany Firpo
15:07 31 Oct 18
My son loves to go there twice every week! It builds his self confidence, he learns to follow instructions from his teacher and he understands better about self discipline and how to defend himself with bullying! I highly recommend this place for your kids! It’s a great investment and worth your time and resources!#DONE
Christy Dumalagan
Christy Dumalagan
14:40 31 Oct 18
My son started martial arts at Rising Sun after attending a birthday party there this summer. I immediately saw how much he was enjoying it and taking it very seriously. We signed up very shortly after. I love all of the emphasis on respect & kindness & leadership! I see a confidence in my son that he didn't quite have before. He also attended a bullying seminar that was simply AMAZING!
Nikki Pezzuti
Nikki Pezzuti
22:09 30 Oct 18

Our Team

Our expert kids martial arts instructors have a combined over 40 years of experience in the martial arts.
They teach highly engaging classes with little “down time.” Their experience in multiple styles of martial arts provides them excellent background to teach a modern curriculum.
Mr Buzick

Mr Buzick is a 4th degree Black Belt in the Filipino Martial Arts system of Eskrima Carin. Mr Buzick was fortunate to directly train in the Philippines for three years and trained with multiple Grandmasters of different FMA styles.

While in the Philippines, Mr Buzick married his wife Shella and with her have two children. Both of Mr Buzick’s children actively train in the martial arts as well.

He is US military veteran whom served for five and a half years working in combat operations as a counterintelligence specialist for the US military in Iraq and Kuwait. He possesses a strong depth of knowledge of self-defense and its real world application to personal safety.

“I enjoy watching the progress of our students grow stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and socially in our program. Seeing the shy kid evolve into a role model and leader for others is priceless.”

Mr Buzick believes the martial arts is its strongest when its emphasis is on personal development and fostering a, “Yes I Can” spirit amongst his students. He believes it can help bridge the gap between physical skills and being the best version, a person can be in and out of the dojo.

From his military background to deep passion in teaching martial arts to all ages in a method that is highly engaging, Mr Buzick has created something uniquely special with Rising Sun Martial Arts in Jupiter.

Mr Buzick

Mr Rojas

Mr Rojas is a 4th degree black in World Tae Kwon Do Federation and began his martial arts journey at age 11 in West Palm Beach.

As a life-long resident of Palm Beach County, he has trained exclusively in martial arts in this area. He has proudly brought back to Palm Beach County 10 state championships and four national medals in in Tae Kwon Do Olympic sparring.

Mr Rojas’ father spoke to a co-worker whose kids were in a local TKD program and soon after brought him to the school as well. From his first class onward, he was hooked on martial arts.

Now, over 30 years later he continues to bring his passion and love of the martial arts to people of all ages in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach.

“I enjoy watching the kids progress at their own rate and see their faces light up when they perform at their personal best,” says Mr Rojas.

When not at the dojo Mr Rojas enjoys working out at the gym, spending time with family and tinkering with computers.

From his witty humor on the mat to the personal relationships he builds with every student and child at Rising Sun Martial Arts in Jupiter, Mr Rojas gains rave reviews from students and parents alike.

The local Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens area is fortunate to have a dedicated role model in Mr Rojas.

Mr Rojas